Company’s Expertise

Velcratec is the result of a fruitful partnership of experts with deep knowledge in the fields of procurement, sales, project, and product management. Our shared passion for international trade and sourcing top-notch products drives us to our success.

Procurement Experts

Our expertise in procurement enables us to find and source high-quality products worldwide. Our profound market knowledge and close relationships with trusted suppliers allow us to offer products that meet the highest standards without compromises.

Sales Competence

Our strength in sales is built on a solid understanding of the European market. We comprehend our customers’ needs and offer tailored solutions to meet the demands of the market. Our sales and marketing skills enable us to successfully market our products through both traditional channels and leading e-commerce platforms.

Excellence in Project and Product Management

Our expertise in project and product management forms a cornerstone of our success. We plan and execute our import projects meticulously, ensuring that product quality aligns with our highest standards. Our project management and complex task coordination skills are crucial for our success and ensure smooth supply chains.

Our Offerings

Our Products and Services

We provide products that cater to the needs of the European market. Our activities span the entire value chain, from product development and procurement to sales and customer service. We consistently uphold the highest quality standards and prioritize continuous innovation.

Customer Satisfaction and Partnerships

Our customers value not only our top-tier products but also our reliability and service. We take pride in forming partnerships and nurturing long-term relationships with our customers. We understand that successful business relationships are based on trust and transparency and are always open and communicative to best meet our customers’ needs.

Growth and Future

Our passion for international trade and our continuous quest for new opportunities drive us to expand and grow continuously. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction lays the foundation for our success. We are confident that our company culture will lead us on a path of growth and success.

Welcome to the World of Velcratec

Navigating the Depths of Experience

Overall, we take pride in our accomplishments and look forward to offering quality products in the European markets. Our experience, expertise, and passion for what we do set us apart from others and make us a reliable partner in the world of international trade. We are ready to exceed our customers’ needs and expectations and eagerly anticipate collaborating with you. Welcome to the world of Velcratec.

Our Locations

We are based in Switzerland and Hong Kong and we cooperate with partners in Germany.

Our points of contact:

Physical Address​

Atherstrasse 124
6405 Immensee

Email Address

Phone Numbers

+41 44 520 12 58